Circle of Drums is a non-conventional capacitating channel that allows you to live out our capability to communicate in an organization, focusing on fundamental work and team values. It’s a vital and innovative experience that manages to accomplish, with the participant’s contributions, to develop effective rules to improve organizational climate and to generate higher efficiency.

Organizations are in constant motion and they introduce new experiences and dynamics to improve human capital quality. These initiatives create a motivated and enthusiastic environment. A flexible and original way to confront and solve challenges at work, making community demands better to carry on, and so optimizing performance.

Circle of Drums
helps you:

Learn to listen to each other in the same beat and with the same objectives.

Respect our position, be it simple or complex, since this is what allows team work development.

Align internal pulses and individual enrichment in one group beat.

Affirm the sense of belonging to impel a project.

Unify ideas and objectives in an organized and balanced fusion.

Renovate and recreate communication channels.

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